Postal Logistics International (PLI) Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) of trade

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Payment terms:


PLI’s standard payment terms are 14 days from invoice date.  If any invoices remain unpaid , in whole or part, ninety days after invoice date a  surcharge of 2% of the invoice value outstanding will be immediately applied and every thirty days thereafter until paid in full.




PLI uses various postal authorities, courier and parcel companies to move our client’s mail and parcels.


Unless specific insurance has been requested then the limit of PLI’s liability is restricted to:

  1. for mail, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) convention on compensation and liability policy

  2. for other forms of distribution by Air  to the liability agreed under the Warsaw convention  of 1929 and by Road  the CMR Geneva convention 1956 




  1. the terms and conditions of the carrier used  on behalf of PLI’s clients whichever is the better for our clients assuming the carrier agrees to compensation

  2. PLI reserves the right to make additional discretionary compensation payments based on commercial considerations 


If specific additional insurance has been requested then this will be subject to the carriers or insurance company’s specific terms and conditions.  PLI is neither a carrier nor an insurance company.
Carriers/insurers will not normally pay out for any consequential losses and will usually only compensate towards the cost of the item not its sale value to your company.




  1. If PLI’s client is providing items pre packed for export then be warned that in the event of claims for damage, even if extra insurance has been requested (in deed particularly if extra insurance has been requested ) payouts are unlikely if the insurer considers the packaging was not fit for purpose according to their guide lines.  Industry packaging standards can be gleaned from the major carrier’s web sites like UPS’s or FedEx’s, for example.



These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by PLI (Limited and non-Limited).

Terms and Conditions

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