Catalogue and magazine distribution is a speciality for the management team. It’s a complex area because there are so many distribution options available today.


We have achieved the critical volume to support negotiations directly with overseas postal authorities thus enabling our rates to be highly competitive. For example, we have processed over half million international addressed magazines in a single day!

Wrapping, inserting, and addressing are carried out on modern high speed lines incorporating the very latest print technology to achieve very high production standards, at our production facility.


The equipment we use includes high speed 4&7 station STS wrapping lines on which we can run thin and bio- degradable film. Printing of addresses, indicia’s, logos, return addresses, etc are all produced on the latest Image or Videojet systems. Enveloping is completed on highspeed Grutzmacher lines.


Our comprehensive services include the handling of all the necessary data preparation. When appropriate we use sorting software for many destinations that don’t work exclusively on postcodes like Eire for instance, in order to benefit from local discounts for pre-sorted mail, and a smoother distribution.


We use a network of direct entry points throughout the world, being a combination of our own operations and proven agents, or we deliver directly into the local postal authorities. In addition, we use priority, standard and economy services provided by most of the world’s leading postal authorities, publication and press post services, downstream access and private postal operators, and post to post direct entry when beneficial.


For those clients concerned about their green credentials and who have the volumes, we are offering localised insertion into recycled paper envelopes (with the recycled logo). This eliminates flying tonnes of wrapping material around the world and the use of plastic film. For one publisher alone we have saved on the flying of over ten tonnes of plastic film and carriers per year.


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