Direct Mail

Direct mail distribution is also a speciality for the management team. There are so many distribution options available today, with direct injection into the recipients postal authority sometimes being the cheapest option, especially for certain countries.


Postal Logistics International can handle all the necessary data preparation and indeed, when appropriate, use sorting software for destinations that don’t work just on postcodes like Eire for instance, in order to benefit from pre-sort discounts and a smoother distribution.

Postal Logistics can also assist by obtaining envelope layout/print approval from the various postal authorities often used for direct injection. We can set up local post office boxes for returns and can organise the repatriation of responses and orders.


List cleaning is vital to the direct marketing industry and Postal Logistics has an effective system for dealing with undeliverable returns.


Inserting or wrapping, printing of logos/return addresses, indicia and addressing are carried out on modern high speed lines incorporating the very latest print technology and to very high production standards in our production facility.


Equipment employed includes high speed Grutzmacher inserting lines plus 4 & 7 station STS wrapping lines on which we can run thin and bio-degradable film. Printing of addresses, indicia’s, logos, return addresses, etc is carried out, using the latest Image or Videojet systems.


We use a network of direct entry points throughout the world, being a combination of our own operations and proven agents, or we deliver directly into the local postal authorities. In addition, we use priority, standard and economy services provided by most of the world’s leading postal authorities, publication and press post services, downstream access, private postal operators, and post to post direct entry when beneficial.


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